Most Common Heart Disease In United States 2021

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Trusted source, United States is facing 1 in every 4 deaths is due to heart problems. This resulted in about 6,10,000 people are dying every year with a similar disease.

Numbers are rising as heart disease doesn’t discriminate. It’s one of the biggest leading causes of death in the US. Almost half of the country’s population is living under the fear of heart disease.

However, heart disease is used to be deadly; but it can be preventable. Adopting a healthy lifestyle will make a huge impact on the rising ratio of death rates. The heart will be living longer if it accepts a healthy lifestyle.

Top risk factors for heart disease in the United States?

The increasing rates of heart disease is involving some causes that are common in several cases. These factors are controllable and the rest aren’t. The CDC reports say that around 47% of Americans are facing at least one risk factor of heart disease. Thus below are factors that include:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol and Low Levels of high-density lipoprotein, the good cholesterol
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Physical Inactivity

Smoking, for instance, is a preventable factor. As per the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney diseases, people who’re smoking daily are developing heart disease. People facing diabetes problems are living at higher risk for heart disease. Because high blood glucose levels increase the risk of:

  • angina
  • heart attack
  • stroke
  • CAD

If you’re a diabetes patient, then it’s important to control your glucose. It’ll help you to limit the risk of developing heart disease. The stats revealed by the American Heart Association that people who’re suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes double the risk of cardiovascular.

Risk factors you can’t control

  • Family History
  • Ethnicity
  • Sex
  • Age

In the end, your age is the factor that can increase the risk of heart disease. People belong to age group 20 to 59 including men and women are at a similar risk.

How many types of heart disease?

There are four types of Heart Disease that are common in the majority of people:

  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Arrhythmia
  • Heart Valve Disease
  • Heart Failure

How to prevent heart disease and stroke?

Some of the risk factors related to heart disease can be controlled. For example, learning from family history. Below are the important points to control heart disease:

Target the healthy blood pressure and cholesterol numbers

To get rid of heart disease, it’s important to have healthy blood pressure and cholesterol. For example, healthy blood pressure is counted less than 120 systolic and 80 diastolic, which means “120 over 80” or “120/80 mm Hg”. Systolic is the way to scale the pressure during the heart is contracting. On the other hand, Diastolic is used when the heart is in relaxing mode. Meanwhile, a higher number is showing that the heart is working too hard to pump the blood.

The ideal cholesterol level always depends on the risk factors and the history of the heart. In other words, if you’re at a high risk of heart disease, suffering from diabetes, and heart attack then the target level be below.

Manage the level of stress

Stress is the most common factor of heart disease. As easy as it sounds, the lowest stress can minimize the risk of heart disease. Never ignore chronic stress, because it is a contributor to heart disease. Consult with your doctor if you’re going through anxiety or any stressful life events.

Follow healthier lifestyle

Following healthy diets and exercising every day will keep your heart happy. Make sure you’re far away from the reach of food having saturated fat and salt. Doctors are suggesting doing at least 30 to 60 exercises every day. Consult with your doctor if you’re doing these activities with an unhealthy heart.

However, stop smoking, if you want to make your heart young and live. The nicotine in cigarettes is causing blood vessels to constrict. Which means difficult for oxygenated blood to circulate. This will direct to atherosclerosis.

What happens when you have heart disease?

Signs and Symptoms of heart disease are including:

  • Chest Pain, chest pressure, and chest discomfort
  • breathing problem
  • Weakness or coldness in your legs and arms if the blood vessels in those parts of your body are lower
  • Pain in the back, throat, jaw, and upper abdomen.
  • You might not be diagnosed with coronary artery disease until you have a heart attack, angina, stroke, or
  • heart failure. Cardiovascular disease can sometimes be found early with regular evaluations.

What percentage of heart disease is caused by smoking?

As per the American Heart Association, CVD records 800,000 death every year in the US. Heart disease is declared as the leading cause of all deaths in the United States. Of these, 20% of deaths are happened due to cigarette smoking.

Furthermore, smoking is a maximum cause of cardiovascular disease and death. Those who’re Nonsmokers are exposed to secondhand smoke is having a 25 to 30 percent risk of coronary heart disease. This means, 30,000 deaths per year are caused by secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is exposed to an increasing rate of heart attack or stroke.

How to treat congenital heart disease?

Not everyone requires treatment for congenital heart disease. Some people may only need to visit a cardiologist and follow the guidance. In other cases, surgery or cardiac catheterization is required to reduce the effects of heart disease. If the heart disease is getting treatment in childhood, perhaps there are chances that the condition may develop later. Making additional medical treatment is beneficial.

Many medical treatments are available to cure congenital heart defects.

Which Countries are having the highest rate of deaths due to heart disease?

There many countries developing heart-related problems and deaths. Turkmenistan is facing the highest rate of deaths from cardiovascular heart disease in 2021. This includes 712 deaths per 100,000 people. Kazakhstan is emerging out as the next nation facing the highest rate of heart disease. Approx. 635 deaths on 100,000 people. The countries in the United States and aslo like Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Guyana, Ukraine, Russia, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Moldova, all these nations are having 500 deaths over 100,000 people.

Cardiovascular disease is killing 17.3 million people a year as compared to HIV/Aids, Malaria, and Tuberculosis which records 3.86 million deaths.

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